Huevos 1 Soundtrack


Huevos 1

Huevos 1 Soundtrack

Huevos Grande is the first in the Huevos series, which was produced and released in 1998.

  • 15 Year Search, Deadbolt – Zulu Death Mask (Cargo Music)
  • Barroom Hero, Dropkick Murphys – Do Or Die (Epitaph)
  • Broken, Welt – Broken Down (Dr. Dream Records)
  • Check, Zebrahead – The Yellow Album (Dr. Dream Records)
  • Circus, (Hed)PE – Church of Realities (Jive)
  • Dying to Know, Pennywise – Unknown Road (Epitaph)
  • East on Tracks, Slick Shoes – Burn Out (Tooth & Nail Records)
  • Embrace, Ignite – Past Our Means (Revelation Records)
  • Gimme a Riot, Monster Voodoo Machine – Direct Reaction Now! (Dr. Dream Records)
  • Gotta Go, Agnostic Front – Something’s Gotta Give (Epitaph)
  • I Want to Be a Drug-Sniffing Dog, Lard – Pure Chewing Satisfaction (Alternative Tentacles)
  • Imitation of Life, Headcrash – Overdose on Tradition (Discovery Records)
  • Jambalaya, Cajun Punk Daddy’s (Sign Where? Records)
  • Kodak Moment, The Grabbers – The Way I Am (Dr. Dream Records)
  • Medley, Manic Hispanic – The Menudo Incident (Dr. Dream Records)
  • Sally, Bickley – Pogo Au Go Go (Fearless Records)
  • Something New, Whatever – Youngsters (Dr. Strange Records)
  • Suite-Pee, System of a Down – System of a Down (American Recording Company)
  • War Between One, Grip Inc – Nemesis (Metalblade Records)

Huevos 1 Soundtrack


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